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Gutters make homes look new in the Texas panhandle.


Whether you see the storms on the horizon or hear the crack of thunder, you know the storm is coming. You are depending on your home's roof to keep the rain out of your home. However, if your roof drainage system is not working, you may find the rain is coming into your home instead of being directed away. Are your rain gutters up to the task?


Getting the Rain Off Your Roof


The average home roof measures 3000 square feet. The amount of rain that hits that surface during a typical rainstorm is quite impressive. And that water has to go somewhere.

The slope of the roof is the start of the drainage system. The higher the slope, the more efficiently the water moves off. To prevent water from infiltrating the attic, the roof decking needs to be strong and straight.


Once the water leaves the roof, it hits the rain gutters. The seamless gutters are the part of the system which gathers the rain and starts its journey away from the home. To get the rain away, the seamless gutters need to be properly sloped and have downspouts at the right location to keep the water moving.


Older drainage systems would often have the downspouts drain just a couple of feet away from the foundation. This rushing water often backs up and stands against the foundation. Negative drainage, like this, often leads to flooded or damp basements. Over time, if not addressed properly, it can actually compromise the foundation's strength and integrity.


Modern drainage systems connect the downspouts to underground pipes, which take the water well away from the house before releasing it. This keeps the water from getting anywhere near the foundation, keeping the basement dry in the process.


Is Your Roof Drainage Working Properly?


Next time it rains, take a walk outside. Watch what happens with the water on the roof.


Ideally, it should drain into the gutters and flow smoothly into the downspouts. However, you may find the situation is a bit different. The water may skip the seamless gutter and go directly to the ground. You may find the water is getting into the seamless gutter, but overflowing on one end.


If your roof drainage is not working the way it should, call in the roofing and seamless gutter specialists at Valdez Roofing. They have been proudly serving Dumas for over a decade.




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