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Hail Damaged Roofs



Hail Damage


Hail can really destroy a roof, and it doesn’t take long to do serious damage either. Of all the problems your roof has to deal with, hail is probably the most destructive. Interestingly enough, hail damage is not always the easiest thing to spot. It takes training and practice to know when a roof’s been damaged enough to cause problems, so it’s always best to let a trained professional give their opinion. If minor problems aren’t addressed quickly, they could lead to major problems for your home.


Can Small Amounts of Hail Cause Problems?


Let’s face it, it doesn’t take an Amarillo hailstorm the size of the one in May of 2013 to do serious damage to your home’s exterior. Nor does it take hailstones as big as a soft ball or even a golf ball to cause your home a few headaches. Even dime-sized hail can ruin your home’s roof, gutters, siding, vents, and skylights.


What Does Hail Do To Roofs?


The damage hail causes is identifiable by “bruising”, cracking, and missing granules. All these signs are indicative of the top, most protective, layer of the shingle’s composition being compromised. The top layer of granules provide protection from the elements so if they’re beginning to show any of these signs of extreme wear, there’s a good chance a leak could develop. Most of the time, these leaks are unidentifiable from the exterior, and to many homeowners surprise, they’re virtually undetectable from inside the house too until it’s way too late.


What Else Does Hail Damage Do?


Hail damage doesn’t only void manufacturer’s warranties on shingles, vents, windows, siding and other exterior features. If not properly addressed, hail damage could very well lead to a rapid deterioration of your home’s entire roof. A home’s structural integrity depends very heavily on its roof’s ability to keep its girding rafters and beams dry. Damage to shingles that doesn’t look very extensive could very well be indicators that a roof’s on the fast track to rapid deterioration. This is especially true when a roof is under the extreme weather scenarios here around the Texas Panhandle. It’s always best to get your roof checked out by a professional after a hailstorm. Hail can damage metal and wood roofs too, although they’re not as prone to damage as composite shingles. The best way to decide if you need to call an adjuster is by giving your house a quick inspection from the ground. You don’t even have to climb on the roof in many cases. If you see trees, shrubs, and plants stripped of their greens, you should probably schedule an appointment to have your home’s roof assessed for damage. You can also look at your windows, siding, and metal flashings on the roof. If these fixtures are dinged and damaged there’s a good chance your roof’s protective barrier has suffered damage as well.


Don’t hesitate to give us a call to set something up. We try to make a complicated process as easy as possible. It shouldn’t be difficult to get your home back in order; we’ll see to it that it’s not.



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