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Roof Inspections By Valdez Roofing

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Roof Inspections


Because Valdez Roofing is a full service roofing company, we can see  your project from initial to final inspection. This not only makes the process smoother and easier for you, but it also means we have a good grasp of the entire roofing process. We put serious effort into our inspector certifications, because it not only improves the accuracy and the speed at which we correctly assess a roof, but it also ensures that we know what to look for.


Why Would I Need A Certified Roof Inspection?


There are many reasons why someone might need a roof inspection. While many roofing companies are willing to offer that as a service, many don’t have the same credentials as Valdez Roofing. We’ve gone above and beyond to receive insurance adjuster qualifications to speed up the processes and cut-down on unnecessary middlemen. Our inspectors have the same certifications as anyone your insurance company may send to do the same job. The differences are we’re local and we have a broader understanding of roofing systems as a component of structural integrity. We know what a premium roof has to withstand in this arid region, and it’s often very different from those climates in places like Dallas, Austin, Denver, or Oklahoma City, where many insurance companies adjusters are from.


When Do You Need A Certified Roof Inspection?


After a big storm is not the only time you’d need to have a certified insurance adjuster take a look at your roof. Those instances actually represent the minority of cases. Other times you may need an assessment include:


When Buying a Home or Office

Your mortgage company will want to verify the insurability of your new property’s roof.


When Selling a Home or Office

Your real estate agent may need an assessment of the state of your roof for proper pricing.


When Re-financing a Building

Your bank may need a certified insurance adjuster’s document on the roof.


When Considering a Real Estate Investment

Before you even officially consider purchasing a property, its integrity may be a concern.


These don’t represent the only cases where a certified insurance adjusters’ expertise is required or requested, but they are some of the most common. It saves time and money to only deal with one company for all these needs. We know you’re too busy for phone tag, so we hope to eliminate it.


When dealing with inspectors, contractors, and insurance companies there’s no shortage of documents and requirements to be followed. So whether you’re a homeowner, building manager, real estate agent, or even an insurance company looking for quick, qualified, state-certified documentation of the state of a roof, Valdez Roofing can help navigate the paper trails, estimates, and other necessary processes of obtaining any roof inspection.



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