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Metal Roofs



Metal Roofs


Metal roofing is all the rage these days. They’re environmentally friendly; they have an interesting, modern, architecturally stylish look; they’re very durable and extremely low maintenance.


Are Metal Roofs “Green”?


A metal roofing system is usually one of the most “green” roofs you can have. They’re generally made from recycled content. They can cut energy costs by 20% because of their reflective qualities. They reduce attic temperatures. They’re 100% recyclable if replaced, and their lightweight allows them to be installed over existing roof types. Metal roofs are as “green” as you can get.


Why Are Metal Roofs So Popular Lately?


Metal roofs are so popular because there are endless varieties of styles and options. One of the most popular, premium varieties are those shake, shingle, tile and slate profiles like those made by Decra, which include a coating of crushed stone for added durability. But in this section we will only cover the non-coated styles that automatically come to mind when you hear the term metal roofing.


What Types of Metal Roofs Are Available?


Metal roofs are available in many different materials and even various profile options.


  • Galvalume steel – a budget friendly paintable, standing seem profile (sheet metal)
  • Galvanized steel – most budget friendly, more profiles available
  • Aluminum – lighter more expensive, more profiles, not as hail resistant
  • Copper – most luxurious, most durable, multiple profiles


What Profiles Do Metal Roofs Come In?


A roof's profile is one of the most common considerations because it informs how your roof will look and feel. Metal roofs now have more profiles available than ever before.


  • Standing Seam – most commonly thought of has the long, vertical lines, looks like “sheet metal”
  • Shake – made to have the same profile as a wood roof.
  • Shingle – same profile although more dramatic as asphalt types of shingles.
  • Tile – has the appearance of less common, ceramic tile
  • Slate – has all the benefits of the very expensive, historically popular flat stone roofs


It’s easy to see why metal roofing systems have become so popular as of late. They’re the most environmentally friendly roof money can buy, and they’re incredibly durable. Especially those metal styles with traditional profiles. They’re not susceptible to fire, lightning is not a concern like many people assume, and neither do they facilitate any more noise from rain or hail than traditional roofing systems. We believe strongly in the viability and cost of metal roofing. Metal is our material of choice because it’s durability matches our level of thoughtful workmanship.



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