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Wood Roofs



Wood Roofs


Wood shakes and shingles offer one of the most traditional looks the roof of your home can have. Wood shingles and shakes were once one of the only options someone had, but now they represent a premium less-common material. They have a natural look about them and perform well in our area.


What’s the Difference Between Wood Shingles and Wood Shakes?


Most people refer to their wood shingles as a shake roof, but technically the two terms are not synonymous. Wood shakes represent the earliest form of wood shingle as they existed before steam powered saw mills. They are also still manufactured by hand in some instances. They’re split on one or both sides, instead of sawn like the modern wood shingle. Shakes are also a bit thicker than shingles at the visible butt-end.


Shingles, on the other hand, are usually sawn, not split on both sides. The shingle may also show faint signs of cross grain, but a shake is split with the grain exactly. Shingles are not as tapered as shakes are either, so their profile remains a bit sleeker, and because a saw mills them, they’re often times more uniform.


When it comes down to it, there’s not a lot of difference, but there is enough to take note of. Generally, wood shakes are more expensive and have a more rustic look, whereas typical wood shingles are easier to produce and offer a more unvarying appearance.


Is a Wood Roof as Durable as Newer Styles?


Wood roofs have been around for a long time for a reason, because they last. Before their modern form, wood roofs had some drawbacks; namely fire and pests. Now much of the wood shingles and shakes can be manufactured to be fire retardant and less inhabitable by mosses, mildews, and molds. Usually hewn from red cedar, wood roofs are naturally “waterproof” and inhospitable for most pests.


Wood roofs offer a traditional look that’s associated with the highest quality. They have a warm, natural look about them and they perform well against the weather. While they do change color quickly at first, it takes a long time for a properly maintained wood roof to look “weathered”. A really great feature of wood shakes or shingles is their resistance to hail damage. And that’s something we can all appreciate in the Panhandle region.



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