3 Asphalt Shingle Alternatives: Wood, Metal, and Stone-Coated

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing choices in the United States. While traditional three-tab shingles are slowly losing market share to higher-end architectural options, most consumers still stick with asphalt as their material of choice. These trends are unsurprising since asphalt offers a great combination of durability, aesthetics, and affordability.

On the other hand, not everyone wants to go with the trends. You may be looking at alternatives because you want an even more durable option, or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to make your house stand out from the neighbors. Whatever your goals, these three asphalt shingle alternatives are a great place to start for your remodeling project.

1. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is the most popular option after asphalt shingles, and it’s quickly taking up its place as a high-end, luxury choice. Metal roofing is typically more expensive than asphalt, but it offers numerous advantages that make it worth the cost for many homeowners. It’s also available in many materials, allowing you to customize it for appearance and practical qualities.

Regardless of which type of metal roof you choose for your home, they all have certain qualities in common. These advantages include long life, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Although metal roofing can be prone to denting, modern roofing is relatively durable.

Aside from the cost, metal roofing doesn’t have many downsides. Many people believe that these roofs can be noisy, but this is rarely a problem with residential installations. Since residential metal roofs use a traditional deck and most homes have insulated attics, there’s sufficient sound insulation to prevent any notable noise increase.

2. Wood Roofing

Wood roofing is arguably the most traditional option if you want to upgrade from your existing asphalt shingle roof. Wood will give your home a classic and timeless appearance, but it’s a more challenging choice than metal. There are many options for wood shake and shingle roofs, so you’ll need to select a style and wood species that works for your tastes.

Wood roofs are environmentally friendly and strong, and they can provide good energy efficiency under the right circumstances. For example, modern cedar shakes can offer similar or superior solar reflection properties to light asphalt shingles. As a result, your home will absorb less heat in the summer, easing the strain on your HVAC system.

You can expect a roof with wooden shingles or shakes to last about as long as an asphalt roof, but they’ll typically require frequent maintenance and inspections. You will need to stay on top of cleaning and debris removal, and certain roofing materials may require periodic treatments. A local roofing expert can help explain the best wood materials for your area and their maintenance requirements.

3. Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

Stone-coated metal roofing is a unique option, typically known by the brand name Decra. This option uses traditional metal roofing coated in stone granules, creating a hybrid between asphalt shingles and metal roofing. With stone-coating metal, you can enjoy the benefits of metal roofing while maintaining a more traditional appearance.

Stone-coated metal tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to have a roof with the appearance of stone, asphalt, wood, terracotta, or slate but with the durability and strength of metal. Stone-coated tiles will typically be among some of the more expensive options available, but you’ll get plenty of longevity and durability for the cost.

Valdez Roofing Company can install traditional asphalt shingles as well as many attractive and durable alternatives. If you’re renovating your roof, we can help you select an option that fits your budget and long-term goals. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for your home.

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