Roof Types


Roof Types for Valdez Roofing If you need a roof done right, Valdez Roofing is where you need to be.

Roof Types

Shingle Roof

There are many different kinds of shingles and their materials range from the budget-friendly, like those made with asphalt and range upward to more specialized materials like wood and slate. Asphalt composite shingles are widely used. They’re long-lasting, they come in many different colors and models, and they represent phenomenal value for customers.

Flat Roof

While you don’t see as many of these in our area as other types of pitched roofs, especially on homes, they’re very popular on office buildings and other types of commercial architecture. They’re actually one of the oldest types of roof there is. First used in ancient times, they provided a home with additional usable space in arid regions where water isn’t a real concern.

Another popular use of the flat roof is by modernist architects who prefer the abrupt symmetry that a flat roof’s design offers residential homes. One of the biggest problems associated with a flat roof is eliminating pounding water. This can be done in numerous ways, but must be done within a day or two. Most flat roofs do have a minor pitch that facilitates this, but it remains a common problem.

Wood Roof

Wood shakes and shingles offer one of the most traditional looks the roof of your home can have. Wood shingles and shakes were once one of the only options someone had, but now, they represent a premium less-common material. They have a natural look about them and perform well in our area.

Decra Roof

Decra roofing is essentially an upgrade on metal roofs’ shingle, shake, and tile profiles. It’s a steel shingle, offered in many different profiles that are then “post-formed” with a granular coating similar to that of a traditional shingle. The benefit of “post-forming” with a stone coating is that cracks and fissures from the metal fashioning process are then sealed and covered. Decra roofs offer the benefits of metal roofs with the rich textures and advanced reflective technology of modern pigments and coatings.

Metal Roof

Metal roofing is all the rage these days. They’re environmentally friendly; they have an interesting, modern, architecturally stylish look; they’re very durable and extremely low maintenance.