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Hail Damage Roof Repair

Do you think you may have hail damage? After a hail storm, there could be a chance it did some damage to your roof and other exterior or interior items to your home. As a homeowner, you are the one in charge of the quality, safety, and security of your home. It is important to repair your roof quickly if it has hail damage. Once you give us a call at Valdez Roofing, we will take the necessary steps to inspect your roof for any hail damage. Our professional sales team will contact you to set up an appointment to go inspect your roof.

If the salesman determines you have hail damage, then it will be your responsibility as the homeowner to contact your insurance company to file a claim with them. An insurance adjuster will come by your home to do their own inspection of the damages. You will then receive an estimate from your insurance company and you will give that packet to your salesman so they can review it. Sometimes, the insurance adjuster will miss something on your home that was damaged. So then, it will be the salesman's responsibility to take pictures of the damages, and send them to you; that way, they can pay for those damages. Also, keep in mind that everyone has different insurance policies and that will sometimes affect what the insurance company will pay for. Any questions you have about what type of policy you have and what it covers our salesmen or supervisors can sit down with you and go over your insurance paperwork. Whenever you’re ready to repair your roof, we will schedule a day that works best for you.

No insurance no problem! A salesman will go and do an inspection on your roof. If they do find damages, they will get measurements of your roof and what needs to be replaced. They will then work up an estimate for you. If you agree to the price given then, a salesman will write up a contract for you to sign. We then can move forward and schedule you an installment date. Don’t have the entire amount upfront? That’s okay you may finance through us. You will need to apply and get approved. Just let a salesman or our office staff know if you’re interested and they can get you started.

Damaged Roof Inspections

Hail is not the only damage that can cause wear and tear on your roof. There is wind, heavy rain, fallen trees, or snow and ice. Once you suspect or are aware that there has been damage to your roof, give us a call at Valdez Roofing and we can have a professional salesman go by and inspect your roof for any damages done to your roof.

If damage was found on your roof and you have insurance, we will go through the same process just like with hail damages. You will need to file a claim with your insurance company and once you receive the paperwork, you will give them to your salesman. The salesman will then review your paperwork and be sure your insurance is covering the damages done to your roof. Remember, whatever policy you have may determine what they will and will not pay for. If you have any questions, be sure and get with your salesman or you may contact our office. If your roof was damaged during cold weather, then with weather permitting, we can schedule your roof for installment.

If you have no insurance and there are damages to your roof, we can have a salesman go out there to do an inspection and estimate for you. Once your estimate is ready and you agree to the price, you will sign a contract. Then we can start preparing for your roof installment. If you do not have all the money upfront to pay for your roof, you may finance with us. It is an easy process to apply. If you’re interested in applying, please let a salesman or office staff know and they will get you started.

Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

By the time you see a leak in your home, it has already created a stain on your ceiling or walls. There are different reasons why you have leaks.

Here are a few reasons why you may have a leak:

• Damaged Accessories
• Poor Roof Installment
• Gutters and Downspouts
• Chimney Cricket

It is important to find the leak before the entire roof is damaged. Our professional salesmen can find the problem with your leak. A salesman will first get on your roof and do a thorough inspection of your accessories, shingles, chimney, and gutters. If they can’t find evidence on the roof, then they will inspect your attic to see if they can see the leak from there. What they’re looking for is wet spots or wet installation. If the weather in the area of home has been dry for a while, then our salesman will look for water marks, stains, or discolorations on the wood made by moisture. Keep in mind spots that need repair such as leaks will not extend the life of a roof if it needs replacement.

Drainage Design

Roof drainage is an important design in construction when building a house. There must be a way water is being gathered and discharged from the top of the roof. If there is no way water is being drainage off the roof, there is a possibility from heavy water that is collecting on your roof it will further damage your roof. The worst that may happen to your roof is collapse. During construction, homes are given a roof slope of 4/12 pitch and above to avoid any water collecting on your roof. To avoid any ice damming, roofs are now being built with a 7/12 pitch and above. For residential homes, the best aid for a drainage system will be to install gutters. Many residential homes in our area have gutters. Gutters will help solve the drainage issues in your home.

Listed below are a few of the solutions:

• The soil around the house is stabilized.
• Foundation issues of your home will be resolved.
• Prevent flooding below the home and the basement.
• Preventing erosion, this will help preserve your landscaping and turf.
• Your siding around your house can be protected from water damage.
• Brick and stone masonry can be protected from water stains.
• Decrease the chance on your home of settling, and cracking of sidewalks, patios, and driveways.
• Garage and exterior doors can be protected from any type of water damage.

  • Gutter Installation

    Whether you see the storms on the horizon or hear the crack of thunder, you know the storm is coming. You are depending on your home's roof to keep the rain out of your home. However, if your roof drainage system is not working, you may find the rain is coming into your home instead of being directed away. Are your rain gutters up to the task?

  • Window Installation

    Windows play many roles. They protect the home from the potential damage wind and rain can cause. They contribute to the look of the home. They provide a barrier from exterior noise. If even one window in your home is not playing its role correctly, you need to consider a replacement.

  • Siding Installation

    The exterior of your house tells the story of your style. Your house siding provides a safe outer protection for your home and is the first impression of the house. When your house needs new siding—it’s not wise to put off replacing it. You have several options when it comes to the type of house siding to choose.

Old Roof Tear-Offs

When it comes time to replace your roof many people find it to be cheaper and less of a mess to just lay new shingles over the existing shingles. This may sound like a good idea but in reality, it’s a bad one. If you continue to have issues, you will end up paying for a roof replacement twice. If the roof is not being torn off, then you, as the homeowner, are not seeing if there is any damage underneath your existing shingles. Another issue is now you have more weight on your roof because there is twice the recommended weight on your roof. It will add stress to your rafters and decking. Two layers will attract more heat to your home which inferiors the quality of the shingles. Also, on your existing shingles, there is built up dark algae growth and bacteria which will now be trapped under the second layer, shortening the quality of the new shingles and voiding all manufacturers’ warranty.

Valdez Roofing
Valdez Roofing

We at Valdez Roofing do complete tear-offs down to the decking on all our roofing projects. It is what we recommend and what is required. Here at Valdez Roofing, we are licensed so we know how important it is to follow city requirements for all our roofing projects. No need to worry about a mess in your front yard. Our roofers are required to meet our standards of cleanliness. All debris of the roof including nails around your home will be picked up and disposed of properly. Once roofers have completed their work on your roof, your salesman will do their own final inspection. Salesmen will check for any shingles or nails that were left behind. We promise to leave your home clean and orderly how you expect it to be.

Roof Vent Replacement

The term “roof vent” is usually applied to everything on the roof meaning plumbing stacks, furnace vents, and dryer exhausts. Roof vents are normally referred to as the vents that are made to remove hot stagnant summer air and moisture during winter months out of your attics. Roof vents are important because they can determine the quality of your roof, utility costs, and protecting the interior from moisture damage. Roof vents are meant to keep your home cool in the summers. If there is no ventilation going into the attic, that is making you’re A/C work harder. Visit with your salesman about solar-powered vents. Valdez Roofing replaces all vents during a roof replacement, adding any necessary additional vents complying with city ventilation ordinances.

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Roof Service Commercial

Insurance Tear-Off

Insurance Tear-Off

Valdez Roofing will go and look at the scope of damage related to the storm. Not only will they inspect the roof, but they’ll also check for damaged areas on the painting, siding, windows, and HVAC units. We will then write up and estimate to repair all damages caused by the storm and document with pictures. We’ll also figure assess equipment needed to complete the job.

Industrial Roof Compliance

Industrial Roof Compliance

All the materials we use are tested and rated through these “Codes” which are made up by the companies. We follow these standards that are pointed out in the specifications once more.

With all this being said, our on-site employees also have to be in compliance with any safety regulations. They are all OSHA certified. They are strictly on 100% tie-off.

New Construction Roof Placement

New Construction Roof Placement

When we receive an invitation to bid for new construction roof placement, our estimator uses the specifications and plans to draw up a proposal. The roof is installed with strict accordance to the specifications ratings standard as well as complying with the roofing system manufacturer’s recommendation. Manufacturers provide a guideline for a variety of different systems on multiple roof decking material. Each system is carefully reviewed and discussed with the Architecture team and General Contractor before the installation process is commenced.

Warranty Roof Inspection

Warranty Roof Inspection

The manufacture of the material will inspect roof installation and make sure it was placed correctly. They report back to us on anything that was placed wrong, we then have to go back and correct the mistake. Once project is completed, a manufacture representative will go and inspect once more and only then will a warranty be granted.

Roof Service Industrial

  • State Licensed

    Currently members of the TPRCA, RCA, and NRCA. All our roofers are OSHA Certified. Valdez Roofing is certified with GAF, Versaco, Firestone, and Mule-Hide. Also, Valdez Roofing  are members of the Better Business Bureau, NFIB, and HUB Certified.

  • Industrial Warranty

    NDL (No Dollar Limit) This warranty is only given by the manufacturer after a certified installer has completed the job. These warranties range from 5 – 20 years. Covering replacement of material by manufacturer for any manufacturer defect will also cover labor defects. Warranty is only provided after proper testing that includes uplifts, wind resistance, water tightness, etc.

  • Industrial Experience

    Valdez Roofing has been doing repair work for meat packing facilities, dairy facilities, and school districts. This ranges from roof replacements and maintenance/upkeep on roofs.