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Roof Service Residential

  • Gutter Installation

    Whether you see the storms on the horizon or hear the crack of thunder, you know the storm is coming. You are depending on your home's roof to keep the rain out of your home. However, if your roof drainage system is not working, you may find the rain is coming into your home instead of being directed away. Are your rain gutters up to the task?

  • Window Installation

    Windows play many roles. They protect the home from the potential damage wind and rain can cause. They contribute to the look of the home. They provide a barrier from exterior noise. If even one window in your home is not playing its role correctly, you need to consider a replacement.

  • Siding Installation

    The exterior of your house tells the story of your style. Your house siding provides a safe outer protection for your home and is the first impression of the house. When your house needs new siding—it’s not wise to put off replacing it. You have several options when it comes to the type of house siding to choose.

Old Roof Tear-Offs

When it comes time to replace your roof many people find it to be cheaper and less of a mess to just lay new shingles over the existing shingles. This may sound like a good idea but in reality, it’s a bad one. If you continue to have issues, you will end up paying for a roof replacement twice. If the roof is not being torn off, then you, as the homeowner, are not seeing if there is any damage underneath your existing shingles. Another issue is now you have more weight on your roof because there is twice the recommended weight on your roof. It will add stress to your rafters and decking. Two layers will attract more heat to your home which inferiors the quality of the shingles. Also, on your existing shingles, there is built up dark algae growth and bacteria which will now be trapped under the second layer, shortening the quality of the new shingles and voiding all manufacturers’ warranty.

Valdez Roofing
Valdez Roofing

We at Valdez Roofing do complete tear-offs down to the decking on all our roofing projects. It is what we recommend and what is required. Here at Valdez Roofing, we are licensed so we know how important it is to follow city requirements for all our roofing projects. No need to worry about a mess in your front yard. Our roofers are required to meet our standards of cleanliness. All debris of the roof including nails around your home will be picked up and disposed of properly. Once roofers have completed their work on your roof, your salesman will do their own final inspection. Salesmen will check for any shingles or nails that were left behind. We promise to leave your home clean and orderly how you expect it to be.

Roof Vent Replacement

The term “roof vent” is usually applied to everything on the roof meaning plumbing stacks, furnace vents, and dryer exhausts. Roof vents are normally referred to as the vents that are made to remove hot stagnant summer air and moisture during winter months out of your attics. Roof vents are important because they can determine the quality of your roof, utility costs, and protecting the interior from moisture damage. Roof vents are meant to keep your home cool in the summers. If there is no ventilation going into the attic, that is making you’re A/C work harder. Visit with your salesman about solar-powered vents. Valdez Roofing replaces all vents during a roof replacement, adding any necessary additional vents complying with city ventilation ordinances.

Valdez Roofing

Roof Service Commercial

Roof Service Industrial

  • State Licensed

    Currently members of the TPRCA, RCA, and NRCA. All our roofers are OSHA Certified. Valdez Roofing is certified with GAF, Versaco, Firestone, and Mule-Hide. Also, Valdez Roofing  are members of the Better Business Bureau, NFIB, and HUB Certified.

  • Industrial Warranty

    NDL (No Dollar Limit) This warranty is only given by the manufacturer after a certified installer has completed the job. These warranties range from 5 – 20 years. Covering replacement of material by manufacturer for any manufacturer defect will also cover labor defects. Warranty is only provided after proper testing that includes uplifts, wind resistance, water tightness, etc.

  • Industrial Experience

    Valdez Roofing has been doing repair work for meat packing facilities, dairy facilities, and school districts. This ranges from roof replacements and maintenance/upkeep on roofs.